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Owner Financed Notes

lf you have sold your home or investment property using owner carry back financing or seller financing and are looking to sell your private mortgage note, deed of trust or contract, we are standing by to give you an evaluation on your note and to give you the highest possible price. We are the Internet’s Top Private Notes Buyers.

We buy Duplexes, Tri-Plexes and Four_Plexes

Banks won't help when you are in financial strugges and need to get out. We can.

Note Portfolios

Notes may also be grouped into portfolios. We offer top payouts for portfolios of performing (paying) a nd non-performing notes (slow or non-paying notes). Institutional portfolios are welcomed. Size is not an issue as we have unlimited funds. We buy mortgage notes of almost any kind..

We Buy Notes

If you are considering selling your mortgage note or deed of trust, you have come to the right place! We pay cash for mortgage notes on residential, commercial, etc. We get you the most money with our hassle-free very fast closing.

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